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Hello! I must be going!

31 January
Because as all mannequins know, a drunk super fast bionic master terrorist is easier to wrestle to the floor.

First thing you should know- I'm half Japanese. Not ACTUALLY, but... 'half my brain is in Japan' would be the best way to describe it.

Second thing you should know- Arashi. The band. If you can't at least tolerate that I'm desperately in love with them, then you should just leave. I grew to love them for their THEM-ness. Not the music, some of the music is great, but some of it isn't me at all, but their personalities are WONDEROUS.

The other stuff you can pic up, but my favourite bands/Musicians are: Polysics, Arashi, Rip Slyme, Beck, Perfume, Baroque, Reel Big Fish, Ugly Duckling, Gerling, Regurgitator.