I think pretty much everyone I know has stopped using LJ for things, so hopefully this will be moderately private... I don't want it to be fully private, because I know that if I set this just for me, I probably won't update anything, and by having this be available to be seen by other people is more likely to make it stick.

I've decided that I really need to attack my health this year. I've spent the last 5 years or so vaguely trying to lose weight (which is needed), but it's been super hard to maintain. I've tried doing things with food, tried doing things with exercise, both... It's just not really worked.

So this time, I'm not going to look so much at my "weight" as such. Rather than actually following it, I've made a resolution that I'm just going to exercise every day. It doesn't have to be long (so far I've done 10 minutes per day, with one day off for January 1st), but it DOES have to be exercise for exercise. None of the "oh, but I walked to do the shopping, so that counts as my exercise!" stuff that I always end up doing when it's a goal of doing a certain amount of activity. Hell, just going "OK, I'm going to do as many sit ups and crunches as I can RIGHT NOW" would count.

It's basically more about me getting into a habit of doing it.

Depression has been kicking my arse for the last couple of years (and it's been working on breaking down the door for the last 10 years, coming up the stairs for the 5-7 years before that, and the footsteps have been echoing down the hallway since I was about 8). Exercise is supposed to be good for helping with depression, but it's never done shit for me, so I'm hoping that's just because I never really had a habit, and would push myself too far to try and use it as a method of dealing with my depression.

So here it is- I will exercise EVERY DAY for the year. I am NOT going to monitor my weight. I will take measurements at the beginning (I'm planning on doing it tomorrow), and then I will NOT take any measurements for 12 weeks. After that, I will take measurements once a month, and once a month ONLY.


So. I'm back. Still no compu though- so I am just using compu at work (and typing while not even looking at what I'm typing- forgiv any typos)

I'm back working for MM- for some reason, it's surprising how little it's changed, still a bunch of the same people around. Which is kinda nice, but still kinda odd.

Anyway- I'm going to be a little more contactable now.

I'm staying with Tai and A-pan, so people who know their details can also call them. ^_^


Goddamn... Been a while much?

So- computer has DIED. DIEDDIEDDIED.

And I'm rather exceptionally broke and thus can't afford a new one.

However, I'm being good- I'm at work over *2* hours early to be good and do some research. So I'm investigating unis for me to go to in Japan. And as much as I was doing the "I WANT to go to Keio because of Sho and Hiro (Both Sakurai Sho of Arashi AND Mizushima Hiro- aka NAMBA SEMPAI from Hanakimi went there) I also DON'T want to go for such a trivial reason."  But of course I want to check ALL unis to choose the best- and OMG... The website is GREAT. I had a look at the Japanese studies list and it is SEXY. OMG is it sexy. There's some cultural psychology (YUM) and some cinema studies (DOUBLE YUM) there's also cultural comparisons for MUSIC (YES PLEASE JUST THERE!)  Seriously... after reading this course outline.... I think I need a cold shower.  PHWARRR but there's SO MUCH that I want to study! What's GREAT is that these are the 'taster' courses so that I could THEN go and study more! MORE!!!!! 

Whoever said that learning isn't a giant turn on?

So now I'm going to go through and find some MORE unis- but damn if I don't think that one is going to be the one I really like.

Anyway. I'm going to keep going at this, tomorrow is a public holiday, so I'll be sleeping some more, maybe hang out with Jesse, and maybe seeing if I can get her to come and play. We can watch dvds and maybe she'll let me keep checking the internets for possible unis for me to go to!

I'm also currently looking for work, as I still haven't heard from the schools- only that the elementary schools are NOT going to happen, but we still don't know about junior high or high schools. Nevertheless, I may well be starting work in a bar! Which of course will have it's good AND bad points, but I figure that the good points (money for new computer, and savings for studying at sexy a sexy university, improved Japanese ability, getting to swear at perves in Japanese) will be useful!





I has the internets again- I've been using it for the last 3 hours- I'm caught up on my webcomics, and I'll be doing a few more little odds and sods of catching up, but then I'll do some proper emails and things.

Expect more in a few days!


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In other newses.


Today, for the first time, the interbutts was connected to my computer AT HOME in what seems like an AGE.

Naturally I'm going through my friends page- expect few comments though as I'm up to "skip 480" and still haven't come across anything that I already knew.

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I just had to stop and look out my window because I could hear screaming and crying, it turns out that one of the neighbours has died.

:(   What sucks is that I'm the closest house, and when I first heard the crying, I really wanted to see if I could go and help, but being foreign and all, I KNOW that I'd be unwelcome. They'd probably feel like I was just going there to gawp. If it was the landlady or Kotani-san (a really nice lady from a couple of doors up) then they would understand that I was just concerned, but a large number of the people would end up feeling like I was just going to go and stare at their misery.

Climate Change

I had a dream last night, turns out that climate change WILL be the end of world as we know it.

I hope you're all learning how to survive in the wild, because while you possibly COULD eat the old paper money, the new plastic stuff won't really digest.

quick note

I'm watching a drama special thing- and Mizushima Hiro is on as he's part of the "Room of King" team.

DAMN he is looking good atm. Like... UNBELIEVABLY HOT. Even if he was speaking English (which makes me laugh my ass off) he'd still be totally sexy (as opposed to comic)